Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Articles Round-Up-International Women's Day Edition

Today is the 100th celebration of International Women's Day!

From The Guardian-Women Writers So many favorites on that list.

From Monica But at the same time we need laws on the books to protect our human rights so that we can get that education without being harassed.  We need legislation with enforcement teeth in our various nations so that we can confidently enter the workforce and compete for, get and hold whatever job we acquire without interference from the transbigots who would seek to impede our social and economic progress. So much yes.

Shoutout to Allison McCarthy, guest blogging for Womanist Musings! "Your white guilt is a part of your white privilege" should be a mantra for white people who want to ease the burden.  If solidarity with communities of color ever means something more than an abstraction for white liberals, it has to start with owning that guilt and using it to promote real change."

Renee's Thoughts on IWD  There are two days a year when patriarchy pretends to care about women: International Woman's Day and Mother's Day.  It really comes down to a token inclusion.  What does it really mean to set aside two days in an entire year to assert the importance of women?  If women really mattered, there would be equal representation of all women in every field.  Picking a day or even a month, is not a celebration of women, it is tokenism.

From Liss at Shakesville

Daniel Craig in drag?  I'm not sure how I feel about this; one one hand, I appreciate the solidarity but on the other, it's like an actress/actor dressing up in a fat suit. Daniel Craig still has white cis male privilege and never even says anything in the video.

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