Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Articles Round-Up

First up, the horrible HR3 which John I'm a fuckwad Boehner is trying to get passed. I'm not surprised that they are trying to get a bill like this passed but I just wonder how the women in his life sleep at night. How he sleeps at night. It's digusting that someone would dream up a clusterfuckery like this. I already emailed my rep and you should email yours.

All links, trigger warnings like whoa for rape/abortion.



More Shakesville

In other news...

Whoops! Guess I'm in danger Never mind the fact that it doesn't matter who does what...My husband is a much better ironer than I am. Cause he irons his own shirts, whereas I don't give a twiddle about how wrinkled my clothes are.

*rubs eyes and reads again* The fuck?

In other news from Planet Eyuck...

This is my I don't give a shit face

Trigger warning for sexual assualt-Absolutely heartbreaking

Shakesville's Open Thread on Egypt

Finally, some goods news

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