Saturday, December 11, 2010

Book Review: Room

I was recommended this book by a friend and was hesitant about picking it up because the nature of the plot; a woman held captive, is repeatedly raped and humiliated, usually in front of her five year old son and once they escape, dealing with the re-intergration into 'reality'.

This novel, however, blew my mind. Told from the perspective of Jack, Ma's (we never hear her actual name) five year old son, we learn about Room, where Ma has been held captive for seven years and the only home Jack knows. She creates a whole world for him, schools him, encourages good hygiene, even makes him do exercises or Phys Ed every day. They escape soon after Jack's fifth birthday and Jack then has to learn what the real world is and how it operates. He is remarkably bright but very innocent and naive. It was incredible to read about the daily things we take for granted; for example, Jack doesn't know that bees can sting him, he tries to pet one and befriend it. He hates wearing shoes because there was no need in Room. He is visibly upset while riding in a car because he can see cars coming the other way and thinks they will crash into him, not understanding traffic laws.

The novel is breath-taking and incredibly well-written. I read while at work and would look up occasionally and become disoriented; the book sucks you in and doesn't release you, even after you've finished the last page. I highly recommend it.

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