Monday, December 12, 2016

Adventures in Homeownership: Bits and Bobs

We did a lot of revamping this fall in the house:

-Repainted our bathroom in our bedroom. Water spots + enclosed spaces = Hello Killz paint. Our bathroom was an off brown before, but with the new white paint, I didn't even realize how dark it had been before, now that it's so bright.

-Swapped out our offices. Which was the most work. Repainted both rooms, ripped up carpet, sealed the concrete floor, purged, etc.

Repainted old office, with storage stuff inside.

-We also finally got a new dining room table. I wasn't a fan of the old one (too big and I prefer rectangle ones). I scored this one at the ReStore in Silver Spring for a whopping $25!

-Redid a bit of our entry way. New little table, hung hooks to keep bags off the floor and used S hooks to hang hats, gloves, and scarves.

-I have longed for an old school banker's lamp for ages. And I found one. At our local thrift store for $5. I may have danced.

You can also see my new alarm clock. My old one decided, on its on whims, to switch back and forth an hour around Daylight Savings, both in the spring and fall. Super fun to wake in a panic because it's an hour later and you're late for work.

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