Monday, October 17, 2016

Adventures in Homeownership: Office Redo-Part III

Minus needing to put full carpet in, we're done!

Kitties enjoying the access to windows

My corner of the office.

My new bookcase! It's on the left with Justin's on the right. Most of my stuff has been packed up for a while, so it's really nice to have it out again.

Justin's corner. He is a big Chessie train fan, so I found a vintage print and framed it for him.

I had to move the cat beds out of the way. Midnight was clearly brokenhearted by the change in location.

Added a shelf in the closet.

With closet doors closed

Bonus. Midnight inspecting the new bookcase.

While there will be minor shifts (and still much needed carpet), the office is done!

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