Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Adventures in Homeownership: Doing Stuff and Thangs

Been quiet on posting about the homestead. Between my crazy work schedule this spring and some deep talks this summer, there hasn't been much to post.

We realized when we bought this house that it wasn't our forever home. We started nailing down time frames and items to check off in terms of reselling the house during our talks this summer. It won't be anytime soon, but plans are in motion.

But in the meantime! Our bathroom needs some love.

I like our bathroom in our bedroom. It has two sinks and lots of space. But because the paint is ugly and never seems to stay clean, we decided to try Killz paint.

Ugly brown paint beforehand.

First round of paint. I was using a brush, but the paint has a different texture than other latex paint I've used, so I had to switch to a roller. This will be a slow going process because painting in there requires nearly everything out and some days, when you get home from work, you don't feel like dismantling a whole room.

We also installed drip edge (that we discovered the previous owners removed even thought it was already there?) on the back half of the house (perks of having a BIL who worked in roofing) and I trimmed the branches that were hanging too low. From this shot, I'm looking out onto our street.

Side effects of a summer storm. We also discovered that there was bark in the middle of the limb, showing that it cracked before so it was already weakened.

I rather liked the shade the branch provided too.

  • Slightly house related, we went through our closets in the past week and this week, I pulled out my fall/winter wear to try everything on and make sure it fit. I actually ended up putting some items in the donate pile and made a short list of a few things I need.

  • The last round of donating is coming up this week. There have already been two trips to the local thrift store with cars full and this time, it's A Wider Circle that's coming to grab the last of it. It will be nice to use our living room again for something other than storage!

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