Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Love List

I haven't done a love list in ages!

  • Dirty Pretty Things Browsed a Barnes and Noble in Pittsburgh and saw this book. One of my all time favorite movies has the same title so I was intrigued and flipped through. And then promptly added it to my wishlist.

  • Naps on the couch because it usually means I'll be covered in cats.

  • My UHMAZING new memory foam mattress. I'm sleeping so much better at night.

  • Hearing those kick ass throw back songs in the morning; heard Don't You Forget about Me and In the Air Tonight in the past week. Bonus: being able to do the drum smash at a light for the latter song.

  • Having a good week ahead: Cherry Blossoms visit, museum visit and seeing My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 this week!

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