Thursday, March 10, 2016

Adventures in Homeownership: Bedroom After

At long last, we have an upgraded bedroom. I've put in work over the nearly four years we've owned the house so here's a few throw backs of what it used to look like.

Painting the beige walls the day after we closed.

Fall 2012

And now for updated pictures (still in crappy lighting!)

This is on the wall opposite our bed. All items that have been significant in our relationship.

Photos above our bed, whose frames love to move just as I'm taking the picture of course. And our Schwopkins sign!

My side of the bed. New lamp, which can display different colors and I usually run it on battery, to save energy. Also, MUCH less jewelry than in previous years. I own a grand total of 7 necklaces now.

This may look like a hot mess but I'm actually quite pleased with it. Justin has been compiling his ties for work so that he finally purge them. My decluttering is rubbing off!

Unsealing the mattress. As soon as we did, it puffed right up.


Our new bed and bed-frame with quilt. It sits much lower than I first saw online, but it's actually not too bad. Our new mattress is so freaking comfy, along with our new memory foam pillows. I've been up a bit later than I should lately, but even still, I sleep so much better now.

This was taken standing in front of the window. We have a blackout frame up now and we still need to hang the curtains back up, which is why there is no shot of those.

Moving the chest from the foot of our bed to against the wall has really opened up the space. The black bag/toolbox aren't normally there as well.

One off the to do list, many more to go!

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