Monday, January 4, 2016


2016, I expect great things from you. Or just sucking a helluva lot less than 2015. No pressure.


-ride bike at least once a month april-october once bike is fixed (All I have to do is reattach the seat and buy a new helmet.)
     Yes! We only ended up on one bike ride, but it felt so good to be back riding.

-read at least 30 minutes a day (books) ( I stare at screens too much.)
      Got back into the habit of reading before bed. I tried to make it relaxing or novels because if I read about rape culture, I tended to having rage dreams.

-set firm bedtime (10:30) with screens (tv/computer/cell) off at 8:30pm (I find I sleep much better this way)
       I started setting alarms on my phone, but gradually, I started making it to bed early. I slip up sometimes, but I know that my body feels better when I'm in bed, showered with a book by 10:45 at the latest. I had terrible insomnia last fall, partly due to screen time, partly due to learned behaviors, but happily, none this fall.


-update guest bathroom (It needs love. And non-awful blue colors)
      Not yet. We are debating about how much to do to the bathroom since we know we plan to sell our house in 2020/2021, provided no zombie apocalypse is currently happening.

-new living room carpet (We've needed it for a while.)
    Definitely will be happening in the next 18 months.

-combine our two offices to make room for growing our family (I'll let you figure that one out. ;)
     I've started purging my office and we started making adjustments to Justin's office.

-fill in fence gaps and put up two gates in the backyard; one by neighbors, one by shed
     Ran out of money before this could be done, but it's on the docket for 2016.

-room by room inventory of items needed/tasks to be done


-set up a charity budget (feeding america/mspca/vet ranch) & volunteer at local food bank (I always scramble to donate at the last minute and want to give more.)
      Not necessarily a monthly budget item, but we did donate more this year. I didn't volunteer because they only have hours during the week, which means I'd need to take time off work. This is not completely off the table, but requiring some scheduling.

-pay off secu loan (Oh, it's ON.)

-pay off small loan (A student loan that needs to be gone. For a variety of reasons).

-set up student loan paperwork with work, for non-profit forgiveness (Apparently, I may be able to get loan forgiveness after ten years at the AGA. If that happens, I may dance naked in the street.)
     Sadly, my loans didn't qualify. :(

-redefine budget with the aim of eating out less (Yup. It's our biggest expense next to the mortgage.)
     I realized that we will always end up eating out and guilting myself doesn't help. I'm just upping our food allowance each month and saying fuck it!


-photograph more with SLR (I love that my phone is handy but I need to get out and use my bigger camera more.)
      YES! Especially visiting friends in Pittsburgh, I get the chance to snap a lot of shots.

-enter at least three chapbook contests with Moose Girl (Yes. I want this beaut published.)
     I had an epiphany on my birthday and deleted half the poems. (Turning 29 makes you do crazy things.) I like it trimmed, may add one or two more poems before I submit places.

-schedule a neurological visit to try to solve headaches (See the last year of my life. My headaches have really ramped up in the last year and a half and they need to be gone. I may also have an eye exam, in case I need glasses.)
     Turns out I needed to drink a ton more water and not have a shit sleep schedule. I didn't have an exam, but instead tracked my headaches. Feel much better this year!

-have updated full physical with blood work since last one was nearly 3 years ago (See item about growing family ;)
      Had one which worked out because we had to fill out wellness paperwork for our insurance company. Ugh.

Goals for 2016:


-Go away for my 30th (Berkeley Springs, WV)

-More time with friends. I miss my people. I want more brunches and take out on my couch.

-Leave work at work. I need to stop checking email after hours.


-More dates with the husband

-Anniversary photo session in April


-At least one writing date a month. I really really miss sitting down to write.

-For realises, submit Moose Girl to two chapbook contests. I'm going to grab the latest issue of Poets and Writers and see what is available.


-Pension paperwork for husband. It needs updating.

-Create wills for each of us.

-Pay off ACS/student loan

-Pay off credit card

-Tackle five house items: bedroom update, laundry room update, fix problem areas in roof, pave driveway and install a wrap fence around 3/4ths of the yard.

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