Friday, December 4, 2015

Adventures in Homeownership: Ah, laundry

I've mentioned before that we've had issues with our laundry room. Last Saturday, after I had finished painting our bedroom closet, I decided to run a load. Now the aforementioned babysitting that needed to occur happened later in the cycle, so I set it and was in the kitchen, doing dishes when I heard a sizable gushing onto the floor in the laundry room. I ran in and slammed the button to turn off the machine.

The pipe was so clogged that I couldn't even run the machine for a full minute before a geyser erupted from the pipe. I was home by myself so I spent an hour toggling it before I realized I could just remove the washing machine exit hose from the pipe and stick it straight into a bucket, thus avoiding spills. I did four loads of laundry this way until we fixed the pipe Tuesday night. (side note, hauling a full bucket-think those orange Home Depot buckets-of water to the sink eight times for a load of laundry was so not on my bucket list...ahem.)

It comes in handy sometimes, having a husband who hoards items in the garage. We had a rubber piece that would fit the pipe nicely, so we cut it to flush the system.


Husband cutting said pipe.

Section of pipe cut. Fun fact, when we flushed it, we found noodles, hair and what looked like a baby tooth. I'm not even going to hazard a guess.

A better view of the cut.

I thought I had grabbed a pic of the fixed solution, but I was probably so busy hugging the working set up, I forgot. But we literally took two hose clamps and a rubber sleeve and slapped everything back together. And it works! I did a load last night and it was purring fine. And by purring, I mean sounding like a freight train because the damn thing is loud as hell. Another purchase for next year.

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