Monday, November 23, 2015

Adventures in Homeownership: Washing Machines

Our washing machine came with the house and for the first three months we lived here, it was fine. And then something shifted inside and since then, it sounds like a frieght train is fucking a gorilla during the rinse cycle.

And within the last few weeks, water has been gushing both from the bottom as discovered today and from the drainage pipe during the final spin cycle.

This is behind the washer. We get to run it with a bucket and a towel. Also, hai ugly tiles slated for demo next year.

This is the setup we bought with the house. Super handy of course.

We want to save up for a new washing machine/dryer set up, so I bought a tray to catch all the water that dribbles underneath.

As for the final spin cycle, I literally have to stand there and toggle the washer off to let the water drain before letting it finish the cycle. I'm baby sitting a damned washing machine.

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