Monday, September 14, 2015

Adventures in Homeownership: Emergency Kits

Having an emergency kit has long been on the running to-do list for the house. We've slowly been adding to it and while it is far from complete, we have a good stash so far.

We have candles, tools, compostable cutlery, sewing kit, tools, lighters, matches, zip ties, and rope.

Sleeping bag, hydrogen peroxide, medical kit with extra tape, a book on easy to treat medical issues, waterproof bags for cells, extra roll of paper towels, four sets of MRE's and a propane stove. Not shown is a box of important papers and hard currency. Every list I've seen states that having cash on hand is the best because if the power goes kaput, credit card machines aren't not going to be an option.

Maryland gets a lot of pretty impressive thunderstorms, so I'm designing this eventual finished kit in mind with the idea of us not having power for a week (which happened before when we lived in an apt).

We also have several 2 liter bottles of water sitting in our fridge and freezer, both for extra water and to take up space to preserve energy.

I couldn't resist throwing in some other stuff because hey, I've seen The Walking Dead. I need to know I can repair a broken leg on the middle of a high way. You know, because I think realistically.

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