Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fall Clothing

I almost feel guilty, being excited about fall. Normally, at least in Maryland, we residents fall to our knees in gratitude for fall's arrival because the summer scorched every part of our bodies. However, this summer was much milder so fall seems almost intrusive, like we didn't really get a summer.

But I digress.

Some new items:

I wanted a good basic white shirt and so I tried one of Gap's work out shirts and so far, it's fit the bill. It wicks away sweat and is stretchy enough that I can tuck it into pants or later, once colder, pair with a sweater or a button up shirt underneath.

 I wanted to a pair of grey leggings, for dresses and skirts that would work well with my boots. Sadly, these did not do that. While they fit, the crotch sagged and even moving around my house, they slid down my hips considerably. They will be returned to Old Navy and so I'm on the hunt for a pair that works better.

In love with this new skirt. It flows wonderfully and I'm excited to pair it with my boots.

I did snag a new long sleeve black shirt from the thrift store and I'm still looking for a good pair of skinny jeans. I had a pair of nearly skinny, straight leg jeans, but they had decorative buttons that kept popping off and they were wearing a bit odd. I also need another pair of good basic jeans, as one of my beloved (two) pairs has started wearing in places that can't really be patched.

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