Monday, August 4, 2014

Adventures in Homeownership: I have a new best friend. His name is Working Dishwasher

I've had to handwash my dishes upon many an occasion; three years in college (one glorious year, the bestie and I had an apartment that had a working dishwasher. Glorious times. Until we had a bottle of Arbor Mist explode in the freezer. Judgement freeze zone, people, we were lacking the wherewithal to buy good booze. Moving on.) and when the husband and I lived in a studio.

I thought I would never have to again, until this year. As noted, our old dishwasher crapped out after the holidays and we've been meaning to purchase one, but you know how it goes.

Then we woke up last Saturday to my mother calling. My mother is a thrift store/yard sale fiend. So she bought us a $15 dishwasher at a yard sale. Husband actually got photographed loading the thing into the back of his car by the local paper. That will be framed as soon as I get my paws on it.

Anyway, since we still had to deal with the old pipe issues, we got new adapters (after digging through hundreds of options at Home Depot) and we were able to reuse part of the old pipe.

Once we had the pipe secured, we dragged the old dishwasher out. I apologize for that scream last Thursday night.

We were greeted with this:
Yeah. The entire back of the old dishwasher was covered in crap too. Our best guess is that when they put in the dishwasher, they did so with a sledgehammer. The yellow insulation is supposed to be inside the walls, people.

We had already planned to update the kitchen cabinets and now we'll have to completely take down the drywall, too. But since we can see the original wood framing (yes, that's bad too, future homeowners) that looks in really good shape. So the damage is mainly cosmetic. My wallet just sighed in relief.

I wanted to clean that all out before we put the new dishwasher in, so I donned a respirator. But first, trolled my cat.

She was not as amused as I was.

It's the latest style. Clearly.

And then, pretties! Yes, the floor will probably be updated too.

And now......

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