Monday, June 16, 2014

Adventures in Homeownership: Decoration & Restoration

So I've done things to the house. We finally took a weekend to wash the exterior and seal it. It turned out to be easy, but since we got the five year Behr stain (in coffee, if memory serves) we won't have to do it until I can command any future children to do it for me.

Using a roller means my arms were covered in the stain.

Pretty house! (Ignore the deck now in need of love)

So in my zeal to de-clutter, I decided to tackle hanging art and pictures. I love having pictures of loved ones up on the wall. But since a good chunk of the house has wood panelling (and I don't feel like patching holes in wood) most of the pictures are sequestered in the dining room.

It just looked too messy and disorganized. So....

Everything came down.

I don't have frames for all (purged those too) so I just taped a few up, so get a sense of how big future frames would need to be. I also plan on painting the trim so that might help that wall look more finished.

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