Sunday, February 16, 2014

Adventures in Homeownership: Decorating

Since it's been approximately three billion years since I felt adequately warm, I decided to decorate the house.

Printed a cute letter from Pinterest and snagged a frame from the thrift store. This is our key rack, right by the front door.

I love the burlap look and dammit, you can fit two names and still look cute!

Our couple-ly ness. I got the wooden letters from Michael's and decided to do a reverse monogram; our last name initials on the outside and our shared first on the inside.

Finally finished the rugs that I started last year. This one is in front of the back door (since we take our recycling and trash out that way) and the other one is in front of the kitchen sink.

 There was one other project that was tackled during the snowstorm: re-sealing the edge of our tub. As you can see to the left, it was nasty white caulk that wasn't even applied properly.

I stripped out the caulk (which took over an hour where I cut my hand and bent tools). And then scrubbed out the dirt with a toothbrush and Lysol bleach.
And then after letting everything dry, resealed with clear silicone sealant. It held up beautifully and looks a hell of alot better than that crap caulk.

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