Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Goals

I don't tend to make resolutions, I like making goals instead.

From 2013:


-Get more sleep/stick to a regular sleep schedule, getting at least 7.5 hrs a night. 
I did pretty well with this for most of the year, but fell off toward the end of fall with all of the things to do get done.

-Get two properly fitted bras.
YES! It feels miraculous.

-Transition to a gluten free diet.
Mostly. I definitely avoid gluten whenever possible, but some days calls for a greasy cheeseburger.

-Walk more. Even if it’s around Bethesda.
I did walk a lot, but I know I could have done more.

-Make a new set of reusable pads
Didn't get to this one. Mine still work reasonably well and my cycle has been pretty decent as well.

-Take Jan off (scale back and relax)
Yes. I love doing this. I try to avoid scheduling things and stick close to home, to read/rest/etc.

-Learn stretching exercises to help back pain
I tried to stretch at work when I remembered, but didn't do as much as I could have.


-Read 125 books.
Oh, goodness, I failed so hard at this. I didn't even hit 30 books. I blame Netflix and the never ending projects around my house.

-Purge accumulated scrapbooks
Yes! I had a ton of stuff just all jumbled together. The stuff has been purged and filed.

-Make two braided rugs for the house: blue for the office and grey for the kitchen
I did make one for the kitchen, but then my mom offered to use her sewing machine to finish, but didn't get to it in time.

-Watch 10 never seen before horror movies for October
Fail. I even had a list and everything. But I did gorge myself on reading scary stories. So halfies?

-Reread Harry Potter series
Bad Netflix. No dinner for you.

-Get bedroom curtains and install
Gloriously, yes. The sun would rise and it would be our alarm clock, even on the weekends. So much nicer and they have blackout material on the reverse.


-Take a writing workshop/class in the fall at The Writer’s Center to work on Moose Girl
I had a class selected, but then time/money got away from me.

-Redo weebly site with updated photos containing watermarks
Yes! I have pretties.

-Take headshots with Brit
Sadly no :(


-Pay off SECU loan
Have paid off a good chunk and it will be conquered this year!

-Pay off credit card
Again, a sizable chunk and it will be done this year.

-Purchase life insurance
Yes! I feel a bit better about the future and it's less than $50 a month.

-Sign and notarize POA forms
No, not yet.

-Compile emergency book (in case of death/bills/etc)
Yes! I do need to update it.

-Remodel kitchen
*waves goodbye to money* There are so many things on the list before this.

-Paint laundry and install shelves/finish completely
I did do some touch ups but definitely want to overhaul this this year.

-Buy new wardrobe for bedroom
Hah! I got rid of so many clothes, this wasn't needed! Win!

-Make emergency car kit

-Make emergency house kit
I have a few items, but I need to get many more things first.

-Up retirement contributions to $200 a month
Yes! I'm officially a boring adult!

I would have liked to have done more, but I think I tried to schedule too much and my body said nope. So with that in mind, I pared down my goals for this year.


-Finish all unread books on my bookshelves/wishlist.
I have books that I bought in 2008. I have items on my Amazon wishlist that I've been eyeing since college. Time to clear that mess out. There are about 68 books, but I'm hopeful that I can do it.

-Upload all photos to Shutterfly
Since I do so many photo projects, and it's good to have a back up, I'm uploading all of my photos to Shutterfly for easy access.

-Help Mom finish my T-shirt quilt
My mom cut up a bunch of my old t-shirts and they are just sitting in a box in my closet currently. Time to make something pretty.

-Get the russian tattoo I want
I want to get another tattoo, on my foot in Russian, since I used to do Slavic dancing in high school.

-Get subscription to Ancestry to finish genealogy project
I want to know more about my family and maybe to see if I'm actually related to Albert Schweitzer. :)

-Plan vow renewal
So excited for this. I'm hoping we can make it happen, since we couldn't afford a big wedding when we first got hitched.

-Trip by myself
I've wanted to take a trip by myself for a while and I'm shooting for September. Some place where I can drive to it and just explore on my own.

-Take a writing class at The Writer's Center for Moose Girl
Once I finish the class, then I begin preparing MG for publication.

-Purge harddrive
I've scanned up so many files/pictures/etc that now my harddrive is a mess. I'm going to organize everything by year and category.

-Pay off my car
It's under $1000 already.

-Pay off credit card
Yes. It is time.

-Pay off private loan
Hell yes. I'm ready to be (mostly) debt free. Sadly, those student loans won't pay themselves.

-Build an emergency car/house kit
I wanted to do this last year but I'm aiming for this year.

-Have one weekend a month (at least) that is no-spend
It's an idea I've seen before, one weekend where you spend no money. I think it would give us a chance to catch up on house projects and relax a bit more.

-Fix bike and ride at least once a month

-Visit an allergist
My allergies are a mess. I need help.

-Drink more water

I have a whole bunch of stuff I want to do for the house, but that is a whole other list that I have already printed out for easy check off. :)


  1. Good goals! And you should be proud of all you accomplished in 2013. That was a long list, and to get that huge chunk of it off is awesome!!

  2. Aww, thank you! Can't wait to see yours ;)