Monday, September 2, 2013

Adventures in Homeownership: Holiday Weekend So I Have Extra Time to Spruce Up the House Edition

The heat has been bad enough that I haven't wanted to tackle the rest of the backyard yet, but hopefully will be able to finish trimming and raking before the leaves finish falling.

Also, leaves in our backyard having been falling for a week already!

Added a little shelf to display my collection of Russian pins.

Finally added a shelf to the bare space left by the cabinets. I was going to buy wood and paint it, but stumbled up on this vintage shelf instead. The door print is from the Georgetown Flea Market.

Darn dark wood panels. This is one of my ongoing projects. Each frame is going to hold one section of the family tree and thus make it easier to chart, instead of one big picture. I have the templates all ready, but now between family lore/, I can finish the rest before the new year.

I am so excited for this frame. It's so bold and heavy enough that it can double as a theft deterrent, should we have any break-ins.

Love typeset boxes. A cute way to display all kinds of little trinkets.

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