Monday, June 17, 2013

Adventures in Homeownership: Touchups

It's been awhile since I posted progress pictures, fighting the hopefully now (crosses fingers) fixed plumbing system will impede one's time. Also, something that never had a place on my bucket list? Snaking a sewer line in my front yard.

This is under the house. Specifically under our bedroom. When the contractors built the addition (and built is a generous definition, from what the neighbors have told us) they decided it'd be swell to put the H-VAC system under the bedroom and living room. Meaning you get to shimmy down a tiny hole to work on anything. I did not mean that to sound as dirty as it did.

I can have plants! I got a smattering of plants from the local farmer's market to spruce up the front/side of the house. Fun fact, our front door (door in the right of this picture) actually faces the neighbor's and not the street. Our "front of the house" is actually the side of the house.

The front/side of the house before I started planting. The old rail tiles against the side of the house were so rotted when I dug them up, some had actually grown roots. I wanted to spruce the curb appeal a tad and have the house look less like a serial killer's hideaway in the middle of the woods.

And yes, the wood needs sealing. It's on the to do list for next week. We have been waiting for a dry spell, but thanks to Maryland heat and humidity, that dream was shortlived.

Yay plants! I hope I don't kill them off. They look tiny now, but they have started growing nicely. I have marigolds, sunflowers, daises and violets. I planted tomatoes, squash and peppers behind the house.

We have a smaller kitchen in this house but it still has unused space. Granted, I'll take it over the postage stamp we had in our studio apt. I wanted to take down the two sets of cabinets pictured. I found a gorgeous print that I'm going to hang, along with a shelf with hooks to hang measuring cups and a pot lid stacking rack. It also cuts down on the number of renovations we plan to make to the kitchen in the long run.

And now I have a naked wall. It also highlights how ugly and very stuck out the fridge is from the wall. The cabinets did not go down without a fight, however. I was walking past with my dinner plate while they were stacked on the floor and I now have a three inch gash on my arm from a stuck nail. Thankfully, I've had a tetanus booster recently. All in a Saturday/Sunday early morning's work.

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