Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!

Normally, I post goals/resolutions privately, but I figured this year to try something different.


-Get more sleep/stick to a regular sleep schedule, getting at least 7.5 hrs a night.

-Get two properly fitted bras.

-Transition to a gluten free diet.

-Walk more. Even if it’s around Bethesda.

-Make a new set of reusable pads

-Take Jan off (scale back and relax)

-Learn stretching exercises to help back pain


-Read 125 books.

-Purge accumulated scrapbooks

-Make two braided rugs for the house: blue for the office and grey for the kitchen

-Watch 10 never seen before horror movies for October

-Reread Harry Potter series

-Get bedroom curtains and install


-Take a writing workshop/class in the fall at The Writer’s Center to work on Moose Girl

-Redo weebly site with updated photos containing watermarks

-Take headshots with Brit


-Pay off SECU loan

-Pay off credit card

-Purchase life insurance

-Sign and notarize POA forms

-Compile emergency book (in case of death/bills/etc)

-Remodel kitchen

-Paint laundry and install shelves/finish completely

-Buy new wardrobe for bedroom

-Make emergency car kit

-Make emergency house kit

-Up retirement contributions to $200 a month