Thursday, January 17, 2013

Adventures in Homeownership: Dining Room/Bedroom

We haven't done a lot of big stuff with the house, given the holidays and the fact that the hubs caught not one but two colds starting January 1st. If the tax refund gods love us any, the next thing will be replacing the awful living room carpet. Since the wood paneling makes everything so dark, we are opting for a light gray carpet.

But for the fun part. Pictures!

We finally have curtains  My mom was originally going to make them, but we were out at the thrift store and found four panels, for $20. The curtain rod was on sale at Target too! The curtains are double lined so they are black out and help with heat/cool escape. All for less than $50. That and we don't have the sun as our alarm clock anymore.

This is my nightstand. I've gathered the items over the years:

-Lamp was dirt cheap at Home Goods
-Green vase-birthday present from my mom since my orange one was broken in college.
-My mom also gave me the green and gold cup next to the candles, which is filled with potpourri.
-The clock was actually an anniversary present from the hubs.
-The shelf was a childhood item.
-The little cups on the shelf are from thrift stores.
-The nightstand itself is a pair with the hubs and he had them growing up. We actually have the nightstands, dresser and the hutch in our dining room from his childhood.

With the curtains added, it makes the room look more homey. There is also the magnetic scrabble board in the corner, which was a Christmas present from my mom.

This small bookshelf I actually got out of rubbish pickup. Someone was throwing this beautiful piece out. Americans can be really wasteful.

Stepping down off my soapbox, it was around the corner and until we redo the front of the kitchen bar, I wanted something to spruce it up. The pictures are family/friends. The plant is a fern I'm trying desperately to keep alive, despite my very black thumb. I try. I really do, to love plants. It just doesn't work out half the time.

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