Saturday, December 1, 2012

A small rant

One of my goals for this year was to research life insurance. Good thing to have, in case anything were to happen to the hubs or I, makes sure the mortgage gets paid off, etc, etc.

We currently have Progressive for our auto and homeowner's so I figured it would be smart to bundle in the life insurance policy with them as well. First note: I really really hate dealing with large corporations. I tried to fill out a quote for Justin and I each online but the website kept freezing. Didn't think anything went through. Until I started getting three or four phone calls a day from the same number. I don't answer numbers I don't recognize so I googled it. Turns out it was from Efinancial  the company that handles the life insurance for Progressive. I called back on my way home from work on Tuesday to get more information.

Second mistake: Companies really love trying to upsell you stuff when you specifically tell them that you are researching. I get it, people gotta make a living. However, you really sour me on your company when you don't listen to the words coming out of my mouth. I told the representative that I wanted to discuss all options with the hubs, to find the best fit for us and could he please email me the quotes, etc. I included my email with the initial inquiry, so he sent three emails: two with each of our individual quotes. But it's the third email that really put burrs under my skin. He sent the third email addressed to Justin Schweitzer, to my email, speaking only to him. First off, not his last name and I resent the assumption. Two, my email clearly states my name so why the hell would he send an email to Justin. And third, speaking only to Justin? Cause you know I didn't make the phone call or anything or have anything to do with the process.

Then a second person called back the very next day, not even 24 hours after I told the first person that we had to think it over. The woman barely listened to me and even told me that both inquires came through with Schweitzer as the last name. Bullshit. AND even after I told the woman for the third time during the phone call that we were still considering our options, she pauses and then asks when she can schedule our medical exam, as though I hadn't said a fucking word.

I realize these issues happen across the board with many companies. I realize some systems aren't equipped to handle two last names but the customer service was extremely poor and we won't be taking our business to this company. Even though other places have slightly higher rates, they have treated my inquires with far more dignity and respect and have not bombarded me with at least three phone calls a day. And for the record, sexism isn't the way to get my business, nor my family's.

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