Thursday, August 16, 2012


I have only begun to realize how out of balance I am/was this summer. Between buying a house, moving, writing a book, and taking on more responsibility at work, I'm beyond burning the candle at both ends. It's got a hole in the middle too.

Work is wonderful, but very busy. We had a new person join one of the journals, one on maternity leave and lots on vacation. I picked up a bunch of new tasks and pretty much dove in head first, forgetting my scuba gear on the beach.

And home buying. Yeesh. Even once everything is moved into the new place, there are a million logistics to deal with; organization, cleaning, painting, etc.

I feel like I always try to make up for lost time, first being stifled and secluded as an abuse survivor and then by my anxiety. I want to take a vacation but then I'd worry about work or the house and back around we go.

I think getting back to acupuncture will help, I know that that hour or so of respite is wonderful and I come out feeling like a new woman. I need to learn to slow down, even if I am loving everything in my life right now.

Here's hoping balance and happiness are in your life....


  1. I'm writing my second book of poetry, about beginnings and endings.