Saturday, November 12, 2011

Love List

1. My new kitty. Justin and I are fur parents!

2. My new job. I'm an editorial assistant again. The commute sucks because I have to be in Bethesda by nine am.

3. My latest tattoo. It's from Ani Difranco's song Fuel. I originally wanted the whole line "there's a fire that's just waiting for fuel". I got it on the anniversary of my starting therapy three years ago. It's to remind me to fuel myself with good things and that I choose what I fuel myself with.

4. Long talks with the husband. It's so good to reconnect after lots of stress. Case in point, October alone there was surgery recovery, a car accident, starting a new job and my husband's car breaking down.

5. Good tv shows. Just started Leverage, with Christian Kane from Angel. And he has long hair now. Kinda delicious. Also, apparently he sings country music too?

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