Thursday, September 8, 2011

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Ten Years.... I really can't believe it's been ten years. Time passes and all but it's still chilling to see footage of the towers falling, people running & screaming and watching the pain rippled across people's faces.

I remember not having school the next day and how quiet it was outside. I picked up a copy of The Baltimore Sun and The Washington Post, both of which I still have. I remember being 15 and feeling like my world had been rocked and nothing would ever be the same. Now Homeland Security is a common phrase, we grumble and groan with each new security measure at the airport, and new buzzwords decorate our lexicon.

My mother started Sept 12 by telling us where she was when John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Some day, my children will come home from school and ask where I was when the towers fell, when the Pentagon was attacked and when brave souls died in Pennsylvania.

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