Thursday, September 1, 2011

Latest from my work blog

I swear, I'll start posting more from my own stuff and not just from work. I always enjoy having so much on my plate but when I get home from work, there are dishes to be done, a husband to love, books to catch up on, etc. One of my goals for 2012, better time management. And more tooting my own horn so to speak.

But for least I'm writing weekly. And mostly feminist stuff to boot!

Because anti-choicers couldn't have more to complain about...oh, wait

I was on birth control for seven years. Cost was one of the reasons I chose to discontinue it. I used to pay anywhere from $25-60 a month. And preventing babies was only one of the perks. It's well known in the medical community that if you have endo, that the only two "fixes" are to either go on the pill or be knocked up. As I was 18 when I was diagnosed, I took the pink pill as it were.

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