Thursday, August 25, 2011

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Because all anyone is going to remember about this week is that the East Coast had an earthquake

Not going to lie, I was scared. I've never been through one before. I was sitting at my desk and realized the wall above the fish tank was moving. I got up to ask my two coworkers what the hell was going on and then everything started shaking again. I fell into a wall as stuff fell off the bookshelves around me. I huddled in the doorway with my coworkers and watched the floor ripple. It was honestly like a dream, I mean, I've felt earthquakes in dreams and that's exactly what it felt like. It was incredibly surreal.

As soon as the shaking stopped, we bolted for the door. I couldn't get cell service until much later that evening and as a result, my husband drove frantically to my job because he thought I was lying dead somewhere because he couldn't get ahold of me. Upside? He finally got to see where I worked.

And now apparently a hurricane is barreling our way. We had a minor earthquake and a tornado last August. I wonder what Summer 2012 looks like? Apocalypse lite?

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