Friday, June 17, 2011

Love List

1. My new job. I have a flex work schedule, a great not boss (she hates the term boss), and two very cute dogs that run around and try to sit on my lap while I work. You should check it out: AKA the best place to work

2. I'm going to this. Yep. Be jealous. Also going with two of my besties so be doubly jealous.

3. We're moving! Sadly, it's within the same complex, but it's a smaller place and that means I get to clean and purge beforehand. I enjoy the cleaning and not the moving.

4. Libraries. I stocked up on goodies today, including my guilty pleasure Ghost Whisperer Season 3.

5. Really good friends. I had a stressful day so I called a good friend to vent.

6. Am buying this for our new place.

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