Monday, November 8, 2010

Articles Round-Up

My five steps/themes?

Hmmm, tank tops for sure. I live in them, no matter the weather.

Comfy shoes, but those change with the weather. Fall/winter, it's sneakers & clogs, spring/summer, flip flops, even though they are terrible for my back.

Jeans, pretty much go with everything. I usually wear them year round. But they can't be straight leg, lordy, that would drive me nuts.

Overshirts, be they thermal in the winter with a few buttons to let a tank peek through, or a regular button up shirt, or even another short sleeve shirt. I love layering.

Finally, my colors are usually reserved to what my college roomies called bruise colors: black, blue, purple, some deep red. I hate green, yellow and orange and I can't wear too much white, lest in blend into my transparent skin tone.

Interesting side note to the usual stuff I link to. But back to the facepalming...

Why oh why? do people think stuff like this is okay? While watching, I counted down to the inevitable "I'm not racist, I have black friends!" *headdesk*

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