Tuesday, October 5, 2010

One is too many

(TW for talk of suicide via link & post)

Yes, Yes, and more Yes

I've been a Daniel Radcliffe fan for awhile, his Harry Potter acting nonwithstanding. I think it's great to see a celebrity speaking out on such an important topic.

It has been heartbreaking to read about the suicides. All because people are different, because we are so scared of people who are different, because we are socialized to be the same.

I was bullied too. I was a tiny kid, had a weird stain on my teeth (I was Crusty) and worn mismatching socks on purpose. I had tables shoved into me and a frozen water bottle thrown at my head in middle school. Yet the teachers would seat my tormentor next to me, because I was smart and could help her. In elementary school, my female peers used to write about how I was such a slut on the inside of bathroom doors. My dad kept trying to get me to fight back; because I took martial arts classes, I should be able to defend myself. But the kids humiliated me and used to scream at me in front of my classmates, daring me to speak out against them. But I couldn't.

I survived and grew up. But not everyone is able to. This needs to stop. One life lost is too many.

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